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Trinity Energy started from humble beginnings, and now, Trinity Energy is the main bulk importer of quality diesel and petrol into South Sudan through its importation and distribution operations anchored by the Nesitu 6-million-liter storage facility. Nesitu Storage Facility is South Sudan’s largest fuel depot and setting an example for downstream companies in the country. Trinity has introduced plans to build a refinery and power plant in South Sudan. Trinity Energy is diverse offering upstream services such as drilling rigs and general oil field services. Trinity has played a great role in the development of the nascent South Sudan economy and continues to empower locals and provide opportunities in the private sector.

Trinity Energy is key player in the South Sudan midstream industry, which includes the transportation, storage and wholesale marketing of crude or refined petroleum products. Trinity Energy exports and plays a pivotal role in the wholesale marketing of South Sudan crude oil. Trinity Energy lifts cargo of South Sudan dar crude blend from Port Sudan; becoming one of the first South Sudanese companies to achieve such a feat.

Trinity Energy has been granted a license to build one of the first refinery in South Sudan with the objective to diverse the countries nascent economic and provide consistent supply of fuel to meet domestic demand.

Petro Station Locations:

Juba: Konyokonyo, Jebel, Bilpam Road, Gudele 1 and Gudele 2
Numile Border Post
Wau Town


Trinity Energy Ltd
Hai-Malakal, Opposite UAP Tower, Block A11, Plot No. 5
Juba-South Sudan

Phone: 0912110333  /  0923110333
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