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Trinity Energy Logistics

Caption: (Schematic Drawing of Trinity Energy Petroleum Storage Facility at Nesitu, South Sudan)

Trinity Energy has perfected the supply chain management process by building appropriate relationships with shippers, bulk importers, Kenya Pipeline Company, transport and logistics companies. Trinity’s logistical expertise ensures high quality petroleum products reach our valued costumers.

Setting Up of Petroleum Storage Facility

It is estimated that the monthly requirement of Petroleum products in South Sudan stands at approximately 40 Million liters. In spite of the huge volumes that are being transacted within the country, the market suffers from adequate storage facilities. In order to plug this vacuum, TEL made a strategic decision to set - up South Sudan’s largest Petroleum Storage Depot in the out-skirts of Juba.
Expansion of Storage Facility:
The Company has put in place a plan to set up strategic storage facility in all the States of the Country. Towards that end TEL has started acquiring land in these states.

Land Transport:
To satisfy the ever-growing market needs, the Company is seriously considering setting up its own logistics company that would transport fuel from nearest seaport. In addition, the Company intends to deliver fuel to remote areas of the country by transporting fuel in small tankers of 5000-8000 liters capacity.

River Transport:
considering the infrastructure constraints that one faces in transporting petroleum products by land, we intend tapping into the vast network of rivers including the mighty Nile to transport fuel within the country. Towards this direction, we intend constructing barges with tanking facility that would run from Juba to other cities that are located along the banks of river Nile.

Aviation Fuel:
South Sudan is one amongst the few countries in Africa where there exists a huge potential. The sector is growing at an Compounded Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 25% unprecedented in East African Region. To meet the growing challenge of supplies of aviation fuel, the Company is planning to set up Aviation Fuel Storage depots in major airports of South Sudan.


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